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California Penal Code County Grand Jury General Provisions

Section 888. Grand Jury defined; investigation into county matters of civil concern.

A Grand Jury is a body of the required number of persons returned from the citizens of the county before a court of competent jurisdiction, and sworn to inquire of public offenses committed or triable within the county.

Each Grand Jury or, if more than one has been duly impaneled pursuant to Sections 904.5 to 904.9, inclusive, one Grand Jury in each county, shall be charged and sworn to investigate or inquire into county matters of civil concern, such as the needs of county officers, including the abolition or creation of offices for, the purchase, lease or sale of equipment for, or changes in the methods or system or, performing the duties of the agencies subject to investigation pursuant to Section 914.1.

Should you wish to do additional code research, refer to Page 836 of "West's Annotated California Codes General Index." An updated volume is on file in the law library at the County Counsel's office.